Polish your song

Master your song online

You send me your song and I retrieve your song mastered

You send me your song

You send me a copy of your mixed song.
Besides the audio file you can attach notes and comments about what you need or wish about the song, music style or whatever you consider to mention.
Currently I am receiving and delivering audio files via e-mail (soon I will provide an FTP site or Web Site where we can exchange audio files easier)
I send you your song mastered

Once the song is mastered I retrieve the audio file to you where some sections of the song will be the original audio and some sections will be the audio polished.
If you feel comfortable with the results, you pay my services and I will send you the complete audio master file polished.
If you do not feel comfortable with the results, we can even get to an agreement.
You can tell me what you liked and what you didn't of the mastered song.
You can comment and send your notes and recommendations.
I will listen and work further in order to get the expected results.
We can go back and forth.