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Added values

I am a musician and can understand what you need and want for your music.

I recorded my music and other people's and know how much effort is put on that task.

I mastered my songs and I got the best results when I asked for help to other people.

Mastering is a technique that must be done by people not involved on the recording process (even the mixing) because fresh ears are necessary to detect and correct subtle deficiencies.

Musicians are too much insight the song that cannot distinguish if a bass is too loud or not enough punchy; if the hi hat is dull or just low in volume; if the guitar solo compromises the lead voice.

About me

My name is Marcelo Morales and live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I started learning music at the age of nine and finished my studies when I was fifteen, but my love for music has never ended. My initial musical instrument was the guitar which I based all my learning with.

I always wanted to record my songs and gave my first steps with a four-track portastudio recorder. I added a synthesizer keyboard, electric bass and some mics.

When computer systems brought into my life I connected the hardware and started make music in the digital environment.

New technologies arrived and not only MIDI sequences were available but also live recording were possible. I took also that train.

My friends asked me for help to master their demos; and friends of my friends asked me that help as well.

Now I decided to go a step further and help other people le to make their music a bit better.

That's why I'm here.

I am not a professional mastering engineer.

I am just a man that worked on audio recordings for more than twenty years.

If you are looking for a professional work, you will need to pay for a professional studio.

But, if - on the other way - you are looking for a high-quality finished work, I am sure I can help you.